Beckham Jokes 
-  ... "Can I try that dress on in the window, David?" asks Posh.
"Nah, I don't think so, Victoria," replies David. "You'd better use the changing room like everyone else." ...

Collection #1
- ... `What exactly was it that he threw into the canall' asked the magistrate.  - 'Stones, sir.'
'Well, that's hardly an offence is it?'
'It was in this case, sir,' said the police officer. 'Stones was the referee.

Canadian Soccer Jokes
- Striker with OYSL team : "I had an open goal but still I didn't score. I could kick myself."
Coach : "I wouldn't bother. You'd probably miss."

Celtic & Rangers Jokes
-  ... "In here, we give Celtic fans a toll of the dice. "If you roll one to five, we kill you."  The Celtic fan replies,"What happens if I roll a six?"
"You get to roll again."

Manchester United Jokes
- ... But because he is dying they accept and get him a shirt. After the old man put on the man u shirt, one of his friends asks him why he changes team right before he dies, he says 'better one of them dying then one of us'.
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